UNA 2021 Presidents Meeting

On October 20th, 2021 @ 09:00 mst

Register for the Meeting on DMS

  • Contact your Local Exec to get registered for the AGM

AGM Package

Attend the Meeting


The day before the meeting you will be emailed your Login Information from Lumi Canada.

  • Check your junk or spam folders if you cannot find the email
  • Contact Systems if you still don't see the email

Meeting ID:

Required Hardware

  • You must use a Desktop or Laptop Computer ( Windows or Mac ).
  • You must use Google Chrome Browser
  • Ethernet Connection is preferred but wireless will still work.
  • Use a headset to reduce background noise.

It looks like you are not properly set up to join the meeting

You can access the meeting!

Logging in

  • Download the Meeting Guide for detailed instructions on how to login, test, and setup your meeting environment
  • Give Chrome permission to use your microphone and camera.
  • Test your microphone and camera using the built in tester.
  • When you are finished and ready to connect, click JOIN to enter the meeting.

Log in 15 minutes before the meeting to ensure your setup works.

Download the Meeting Guide

Contact Systems

Contact Systems if you are experiencing access or connection issues

Emailing systems will often get you a faster result

During the Meeting

Speaking at the Meeting

Navigate to the speaking list on the left panel of the meeting screen:

Use the following keywords to speak during the meeting:


  • SPEAK = Request to speak or move a motion/amendment
  • SECOND = second a motion
  • POINT = point of order/privilege/information
  • EXTEND = motion to extend the debate time
  • REMOVE = be removed from speaking queue

You must click on the send button to complete your message

Download the Keywords

Adjusting the Screen

You can adjust the two panes of the screen using the header bar

  • Clicking on the hide zoom icon will hide the zoom video pane
  • The fullscreen zoom icon will show the zoom video on fullscreen

If you don't see the fullscreen zoom icon, click anywhere on the black header bar to return to the split screen

Download the Meeting Guide